The forest’s museum is a museum designated to raise awareness towards the natural heritage by the conservation of the forest of Maamora (Rabat, Morocco).

This Ecomuseum comes in to fill a need for urgent awareness towards the forest and its natural treasures and resources that were being misused by the population, and to educate for its protection as a necessary heritage.

The museum hold inside it a pathway in which once you get into it, you get to follow by learning about the different aspects of the forest, first its beautiful flora, to its almost instinct fauna. The museum hold at its end lot of entertainment spaces, directed to both adults and children and aimed for both fun and sensible education towards the environment.

The museum holds also different laboratories with the purpose to find solutions for the various environmental problems, as well as get people curious about science.

The museum construction is mainly based on sustainable local materials ( wood, bricks…), with different energy efficient solutions.

Main Architect

Ground floor plan

Main Entrance view

Ariel view 1

Ariel view 2

Reception Ambiance

Kids space Ambiance