The Observatory house is a house located in Al Houceima (on the Mediterranian coast, Morocco).

It was designed for the count of MARLEGNO, which is an Italian company specialised in the construction of high-performance homes, buildings and prefabricated wooden structures with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability.

The house is a small scale observatory which allows its inhabitants to enjoy the diversity of the sceneries and the landscape around it as its location is home to beautiful fauna and flora.

The height of the house comes as an accentuation to the concept of the observatory as it allows its users to come across the sceneries of the outside at different levels.

The house is designed to provide maximum comfort to the users, by having a zone of comfort and divertissement all in one, and to completely merge with its environment.

Wood and other sustainable materials are used in construction, to ensure efficient merge with the immediate surroundings.

The house is a symbol of how a small family home, can also be their ultimate connection with nature in an entertaining way.

Main Architect

Project situation

Ground Floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Third floor plan

Rooftop floor plan

Ambiance Perspectives 1

Ambiance perspectives 2

View on outside stairs

View on the ocean