Borj Hotel is located in Marrakesh (Morocco) and the project is a renovation work for the hotel.

The owners decided that the hotel was in need of a combination of (modern & tradition) renovation, to meet a more attractive and appealing space.

The interior renovation was set to be a little more modern, as of the exterior it got to keep the exotic one and a thousand style.

My main role as the architect, was to first understand the intentions behind the renovation, and the goals to pursue.

The owners target for the hotel was to make it a comfortable destination for different tourists, who mostly would want to experience the magic of Marrakech starting from their own rooms.

The renovation of the rooms was oriented towards creating that mix between modernity and Moroccan architectural tradition thus bringing in a magical atmosphere.

Architect with Guessous & Associates

Situation plan of BORJ Hotel

BORJ Hotel Main Entrance

Interior before Renovation 1

Interior before Renovation 2

Original Ground floor plan

Renovation Ground floor plan

Junior suite & Royal suite Renovations plans

Typical King & Twin rooms Renovations