The project scope is the Terminal 3 of Mohamed 5 International Airport in Casablanca, Morocco.
The terminal comes as an expansion of the Airport, but with design solutions to architectural problems faced in Airports, but most importantly it focuses on solutions of the motion between time and space.

The relation between time and space is often complicated, and rarely faced as an architectural challenge, and what better example than an Airport to demonstrate the relation between them. In the Airport, time and space’s intertwining is accelerated, thus the impact that time (4D) has over space is more relevant.
This project answers the following question:
Is a harmonious relationship between Time and Space possible? If so how can it benefit the overall design and construction of an Airport?
Such Harmony gives birth to an architecture that can be of greater service and interaction to users, procuring a higher level comfort, well being and adequate service.

The Airport’s Kinetic design provides the harmonious solution that will allow time to twin with space, following a rhythm movement that creates a balance between the two; thus creating an Architecture that liberates users from time’s influence.
A Kinetic Airport that moves by the rhythm of a PENDULUM… allowing a decrease of time from arrival to take off, and creating and enlarging spaces to contain more passengers but with less wasted time.
The construction method is focused on sustainability and using sustainable energies(solar, wind, movement) to provide the large amount of energy such project demands.
The design idea is challenging lot of construction methods, however it resolves lot of added expansion construction work for the future and gives more flexibility to such complex project.
As the main Architect of this project, I was responsible for all the design ideas, all the drawings, the sustainable and construction solutions as well as the results.

Main Architect
The use of different sustainable energies was essential to provide expendable energy use for the pro
The main construction method used for the airport was prefabrication as it taps into the concept and

Main Entrance View 1

Main Entrance View 2

Ariel View 1

Ariel View 2

Ground floor plan

First Floor plan

Trainspeed station in the terminal

Control Tower

Waiting areas by the departure gates